The Crocheted Horse

The Coffee and Crochet group has made a life size crocheted horse which is now on display in the Island Warehouse. 27 ladies plus 1 gentleman made 438 4″ granny squares to cover a wire topiary frame.

There was a competition to give it a name during the summer. Visitors suggested over 300 names and the members of the Coffee and Crochet group have chosen their favourite. The winning name will be announced on 3rd October and will be embroidered on to the noseband of the horse’s halter. The person who suggested the name will be invited to put the halter on the horse on 31st October when they receive their prize – a family trip on a Santa Cruise in December.

See how it was made from start to finish:

The topiary frame arrived and the first job was to crochet the squares and make them into strips.     

The legs were ‘bandaged’ up, the ears were covered, and hooves were made.

It was put together and at last we saw what she looked like and the tail was attached.
    A blanket made from 144 squares covered her back.   
Next the mane was made and stitched into place
All the squares were finally stitched into place, she had to lie on a table to stitch underneath!
At last she was finished.
And everyone who was involved felt very proud of their achievement!