Crocheted Bike

Having seen the amazing crocheted horse, I wondered if the Crochet Group would attempt a bike!
With the third ‘Bike and Boats’ event coming up in May 2019 the Sustrans Community Places Project (who organise this bike ‘parade’ from Whitby Park to the Museum) wanted to make a splash in the Town Centre to publicise this free event.
An annual event, ‘Bike and Boats’ is loosely based on the early carnivals that were held in Ellesmere Port at the turn of the 20th century.

With consent to strip down an old bike (so old that in the Museum’s spring clean it got binned and had to be rescued), the Crochet Group got started in March 2019, and although they only meet for a couple of hours one morning a week, it was decorated in no time.  It must be the most colourful bike around.  Virtually every inch has been covered with one type of crochet work or another.  It even has its very own unique, all-crochet basket.  It’s stunning.

At the beginning of May, the bike was carefully transported to The Port Arcades and there, with a set created by the staff of the centre, it has been displayed in the Rotunda for all of Ellesmere Port to see.  It has proved a winner with regard to publicity.  Innumerable photos have been taken by the public alongside both the bike and the horse with people thrilled to see such beautiful traditional crafts in these two creations.

Celia Webber, Sustrans Community Places Project …. and long-time volunteer at the Museum May ’19