Patchwork meadow

Narrowboat daisies in Plantlife’s meadow

Narrowboat daisies in Plantlife's meadow

The Coffee and Crochet group has made squares for Plantlife’s Patchwork Meadow. Plantlife is a charity ‘speaking up for wild plants’ and the challenge was to produce 15cm squares to represent British wild flowers. We chose daisies because they connect with traditional narrowboat painting.

Coffee and CrochetGroup

Members of the group who created the daisies

Members were offered a choice of four patterns to interpret in their own way. You can see what a variety there are in the photo. 24 ladies and 1 gentleman crocheted a total of 35 squares and Jane Lane did a mini hooky rug. A photo of each square was uploaded to the Plantlife website.

Click on Organisation, scroll down and click on National Waterways Museum (you need to click on Organisation again to get rid of the drop down menu) and there you will see our contribution. If you click on any daisy a message about who made it appears.

Everyone really enjoyed this challenge and we hope you enjoy looking at them on-line. Unfortunately we have to send them off to Plantlife so you can’t see the real thing. The project entries are set to be exhibited around the country and Cheshire’s squares will eventually find a home somewhere within the county.

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