Member access


These are pages where WMS members, through the use of passwords, can access information and documents not generally available to non-members.

The first use of our new members area is to offer access to a pdf version of our quarterly magazine RE:PORT. Those members happy to read an online version instead of receiving a ‘hard copy’ will be helping to reduce our costs. If you are a BMS member and would like to receive RE:PORT online, please us with your name, email address and postcode.

Your membership card contains the unique password to give you access to the Members only page(s). This password will change each year, and you will find the current password on your new membership card when you renew each year.

Another possible use for this restricted area is to help with collaboration on the various projects WMS is involved with. Each project area would have its own unique password, which would only be issued to those involved in the project.

If you have any suggestions for other uses of this area, please contact us.

If you would like to join the Waterways Museum Society or help with our funding, please visit our Support us pages.

Thank you.

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