Month: May 2019

Gifford to the Rescue

Shad will be in the boatyard for remedial work from May 27th until June 27th so her place as the on-show boat will be taken by Gifford. Our insurance stipulates that there must be a WMS member on board whenever

Bikes and Boats, 25th – 26th May

The crocheted bike, that the Coffee and Crochet Group have made, has now gone to Port Arcades in the town centre to promote the Bikes and Boats event.  This event is happening at the museum on the Saturday and Sunday

Festival de Loire d’Orleans

The Society is planning to take part in the above French River Festival from the 18th to the 22nd September this year. It is intended to exhibit our tank boat Gifford at the Festival and we will also have a

17th May, Adventures in the Lime Shed.

Come to the WMS meeting on Friday 17th May and hear the stories behind some of the large object collection items found in the Lime Shed as well as learning how the large object collection management process was undertaken. The